Friday, January 31, 2014

guest post: 11 worst live televised performances of the past 15 years

[This post was compiled and written completely by my friend Connor, I am simply posting it here for your enjoyment! <3 The list goes from least-worst (11) to most-worst (1) with 1 honorable mention. Yay bad music]

  1. Britney Spears VMA's 07.
  2. Starting with an easy one. Really no explanation necessary.

  3. Robin Thicke ft. Nicki Minaj. David Letterman.
  4. Before Nicki was big, before Blurred Lines. There was this.

  5. - Bang Bang.
  6. What needs to be said. A song from Great Gatsby and it was in black & white

  7. Carrie Underwood - The Sound of Music.
  8. Here for the non-singing parts, but it counts because it is that bad

  9. Black Eyed Peas - Super Bowl Halftime show.
  10. I blame Taboo.

  11. Lana Del Rey. SNL.
  12. So bad that she has tried to erase it from YouTube.

  13. Mariah Carey, GMA
  14. The dangers of live TV; the usefulness of tape delay for west coast

  15. Kanye West, SNL, Love Lockdown
  16. Woof

  17. Kat Deluna, National Anthem
  18. And met with a chorus of boos. Kat is still mounting her comeback.

  19. Cassie, 106 & Park, Me & U
  20. So bad that Diddy tried to wipe it from the Internet. Thankfully, he did not succeed.

  21. Ashlee Simpson - SNL/Orange Bowl 1-2 punch
  22. How could Ashlee not be here?

    (Honorable mention: Ciara - Away in a Manger)

[List written by Connor, his tweets are protected, but if you want some funniness in your life try and follow him anyway!]

Thursday, January 30, 2014

to stare, to hear: cool shit of today

Click around the internet for five minutes, and I'll FOR SURE come across several things that I need to buy/love to listen to. I guess that's how it is being an angsty former-teenager living in a cynical bubble of her own discontent. Wait, did my goth-mentally just lose you? Don't worry I lost myself too.

Anyways, I've got 2 goodies to report on at 9am on this lovely cold morning 2 days before I return to the iced-over 9th circle that is Cambridge, MA. One to stare at, one to hear. I'm basically a poet.

To stare:

I'm obsessed with cocktails, you know, and I'm a tight-wearing fiend. They keep my legs warm when I wear over-the-top too-short dresses. And I was just clicking around when I got to House of Holland, went to the sale section AND FOUND THIS:

You can find these beauties here, but unfortunately, they are SOLD OUT. Which is bullshit.They have a suit set in the same print, but it looks as if those are sold out as well. So I went hunting, but literally I could not find 1 thing printed with cocktails that wasn't sucky. Everything is so lame with cocktails printed on it, besides House of Holland pants/jeans/tights, but I'm not going to advertise the jeans or pants here because they come in very limited sizes, and I doubt I could get a pair of them that fit right. So for now, we'll simply have to stare at the site until these beauties are brought back. For the record, the site's kind of broken on my computer, so I'm iffy on the sizes of these tights too. The print is the focus here.

Cocktail-Printed Tights: £12.00 = $19.86
Which means you'd lay down probably $25 - $30 for those babes. Expensive, HoH, expensive but desirable.

To hear:

I'm a poser that's been trying to get into the "punk" scene I guess, led by TacocaT into Fat Creeps into reading Le Sigh and such. I don't know, a catchy-noisey sounding song with an apathetic or interesting-sounding woman's voice just gets me. I didn't even know I was listening to punk stuff until finding KLYAM. I'm so hardxcore I didn't even know it!

 I love the picture, love the lyrics, love the voice, and I love mollusks. So a win overall right here. Check out more of Baby Mollusk here.

moar updates from the punk scene l8r,

i'm insane, here's my other "project"

My friend Andrew just left for 4 months in Australia, with no return flight to the US booked. I guess he's leaving forever because AU >> snow here, so a video was made for him as a general goodbye (sad feels all around). My other friend Kevin made the video (I have so many friends sorry if it gets confusing), and in it he put this little gem-and-a-half:

And this made me laugh very, very, very hard, so I ended up making this:

Which is now my side-project and will be added to my links sidebar. Get ready for a semester of MS Paint and not studying, MIT.


Monday, January 27, 2014

quick links monday

About to go cry on a treadmill for like an hour. Or whatever.

Tacocat is the newest thing I've found that I'm obsessed with. It goes hand in hand with Beach day. can't stop won't stop listening...why do the coolest bands have to be from across the country? I'll let you guys know the second I know if these guys go to Boston...or DC.

More info:
Need this whole freaking outfit. I can't even...because Valentine's Day is coming up, and I'm totally going to be a bitter bitch through it, but some of the hearts say pizza so.

Need glasses. I don't have a phone, I might as well be able to see however I want.

4 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes until I'm back in hell. I'd say wish me luck, but lbh tnh okai bai

Picture for extra credit
like rawr newbury street
that one time i actually liked boston wow

#thrilliamsburg: quotes

  1. I'm bored
    • Leave.
    • I never even liked you.
    • You're welcome (:
  2. booooooooooooooo
    • jewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  3. MA
  4. I don't even know what just happened, I blacked out
  5. I'm incapable of working
  6. She's the alpha.
  7. This job sucks. I quit.
  8. LET IT GO
  9. -touches & shakes head, walks out-
  10. He's just bitchy
  11. I didn't even notice other people were there
  12. I put chia seeds on your penis
  13. SS
  14. KK
  15. This is it. Everyone I'm friends with is here
  16. Someone actually got bounced
  17. wowwwwww
  18. I ruined that kid's life
  19. Both hands off the wheel
  20. I just kept pushing people
  21. I've lost all touch with reality
  22. I mean, I have a great personality.
  23. -looks down-
  24. Because Kate told me to.
  25. Who could ever love him??
  26. Well, when you make a green apple vodka bottle your best friend...
  27. I offered it to them, but I really didn't want them to have it
  28. I'm a bitter bitch
  29. I'm a salty bitch
  30. Sober Sally
  31. Boring Bill
  32. That's how I pictured Club 401 being.
  33. Magic Bullet
  34. I'm a high roller, my mom gave me money to spend this weekend
  35. I have something to tell you!!!!
  36. Is that a pancake? Why don't I have pancakes?
  37. eating cheese in bed
  38. They thought it was bugs.
  39. Do you wanna play music from your phone
  40. I like to make up things and then start drama
  41. I've never met a margarita that I didn't like
  42. Only the Good Lord knows...